May 30, 2015

Memo #7. What If.

Millions of people million times were thinking “What would be if …? What would happen to me if …? What kind of life would I have if …? Where I would be if … ?”

So many times I have thought about it. And now, sitting with a cup of tea on the porch, listening to the chirping of birds, enjoying the warm breeze and watching the moon in the glow of sunset, I understand … I would probably have nothing of it in my life if …

All my failures were necessary to understand that everything good in this life deserves to fight for it. All the “amorousness”, frustrations, separations were needed to understand what I should appreciate in my man, partner, friend. All the pain of losses was necessary to realize that nothing lasts forever, and for appreciate, love and enjoy something you have only HERE and NOW.

Everything that happened had a reason! I needed that so I would become the one who I am now.

So I am going to answer many of my “If ..” with this words: “You would not have all these good things and people that you have in your life now.”

Do you think that if you would meet someone who you love today, 5 (10, 15) years earlier, it would have been better? I think you would probably do not like each other. Maybe you would have had nothing to talk about because you would not go through all that you know today.

The world is arranged so that everything happens in time when it should occur — happiness, loss, life, death, meetings, and separations. Each event — it’s a lesson. Do not miss the opportunity to learn.

Life is not like the race, and rather it is a marathon. Please be patient. The results of today’s events will appear, you have to want to see them.

By the way, to watch the moon and the sun at the same time very unusual to me :)

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