April 1, 2015

Memo #6. Streams.

The World is running. Spinning. Flying … Faster, faster, faster. Everything is changing with incredible speed … Speed …

How to succeed in this high-speed stream to catch something important? Maybe not important for everyone, but for you … Catch … Grab and hold … Perceive… Absorb deep in me and then soak up, enjoying every bit.

A stream of information rushes, bends around me, coming through me … How to perceive more information?

To Hear it… Sounds will bring to me part of the world. And in every sound, there may be hidden their own world. The sounds of nature. Sounds of lovely steps. Sounds of my house. Sounds of words of my loved one … Everything is so important. Each sound is important.

To See is even better … It is well-known fact that the speed of light in the hundreds of thousands of times greater than the speed of sound. This means that for one second of looking at the man I can get a hundred thousand times more information about it… Especially in the eyes. Eyes are amazing storytellers. They are shine, fade, become happy and get icy in a split second … You can not hide from them emotions and feelings, they almost do not know how to lie.

The highest degree of perception of information — to Feel … Feel the smell. Smell that will forever stick with some feelings inside me. Both ways, good and bad… Feel the touch. Shaking hands, hugging, kissing. Behind every touch hides a stream of feelings … And there is an unexplained feeling that I “Just know something, that’s all.” How this information comes I do not know. But it exists and sometimes it is priceless …

Or maybe it’s all nonsense? Thoughts? Experience? Maybe it is just my wishful thinking? … Maybe … But the World is still running, spinning and flying. And every person has a right to decide for itself how to live in this stream.

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