January 24, 2015

Memo #2. Understanding.

Why did we decide that we understand another person’s feelings? What gives us the right to say this?

That seems to us that we were in a similar situation, we felt the same? … Keyword is “seems”. This is an illusion. You can know about someone else’s feelings and sensations as much as he will talk about it. If this person is “opened” by nature, you are lucky. And what if he is not? How can you understand it? Feel? Are you sure that these are the same feelings? For each of us feelings all different, even for a little bit, but in different ways. This is the main error. Error gives an error in the result. You can not know that the other person feels. You can only guess and project his situation on your life. As a result — you know how you would react. And your feelings immediately ascribed to someone, you thinking about. You draw conclusions. You just imagine that you know. But in reality it is not. We can not understand the full sensations of another person…

A pity... After all, if people could share with someone their feelings, sensations, many mistakes could have been avoided. But nature is smarter of us. And she does not want to simplify our lives. So we still have to learn a lot. Someone have to keep trying to get into the skin of another person. Someone have to learn how to share feelings.

So do not tell me you know. Often you have no idea what is inside of the other person.

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