October 18, 2016

Memo #9. I can see.

Sometimes I think I can "see through the people." 

I can see their real faces hidden behind masks. I can see liars brazenly smiling to my face, their smiles shines cuz they believe - no one can reveal their lies. 

I see the ugly souls  behind the perfectly beautiful pictures, rotten guts wrapped in a beautiful shell. 

I see desperate silent cries of the loneliness hidden behind endless posts with photos of past years. 

I wish do not notice it, I really would like not do not see it ... but I can't. And it hurts me. Rather say it irritates me, makes me an anti-social person, I try to turn away and do not see.  On the other hand ... 

Among my friends I also have a sincere people. These people are priceless, people-treasures. Communication with them is relaxing as a glass of a good wine, it energizes me like a walk in the spring Park. I like to listen, talk, or even just to read their posts on Facebook, very much. Even if they are angry, even if they grieve, they do it sincerely. That is what I began to appreciate in people ... 

Or maybe I'm just getting old 🙂

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