August 15, 2015

Memo #8. Ocean.

(My impressions from visiting the Ocean first time in my life, August 2015).

I was born in the small resort town — Sukhumi, which is located on the Black Sea. And I think that my childhood got its value “happy” because of this fact and because of my grandparents. So Sea itself for me is a usual and at the same time special. From early childhood, I treat it like a Friend. That friend, whom naturally (for some reason) you expect to meet when you are running out into the yard. Friend which taught me such different things as beauty and danger. Friend, which healed my scratched knees and taught me to swim. Friend, which helped my grandmother put me for a nap, even when I’m in my 3 y.o. was sure that it is a punishment 😅. Friend, which could find a common language with my grandfather at the morning fishing and at the same time be playful with me at the edge of the breakwater. Yes, such moments made my childhood a happy one.

And then the war. And the years of emptiness. I did not come to him … Of course, the Sea does not suffer, but five years later, when I got back to the coast, it felt like meeting with the old Friend. And apparently, the Friend also was happy to provide the perfect weather for the vacation. Then pause for a few years, again.

In our next meeting, Sea was different. Like a real Friend, it let me share my sadness with it and took it away. It felt like my Friend understands everything.

And now, years later, I came to the Ocean. I did not know what it will feel like. I even was a little bit afraid. But I found the same Friend, only now it is matured and become even more beautiful, and his “hugs” was warm (I mean REALLY warm, God bless Gulf Stream). It is impossible to stand there and do not feel respect for its infinity and power. And even despite all the power, it has a very soft touch. It opens his hugs and drags you deeper. Ocean tides look like the relaxed deep breathing of some giant, and night Ocean looks very mystical. At first, it seems black, but when you look into the darkness for a more prolonged time, you begin to see the difference between dark-blue stripes and whitecaps of waves, which is glistening in the moonlight.

And by thinking about all this, going through memories, I realized that all this time, my Friend was my reflection. It grew up with me, it would always get my mood, and it has changed along with me...

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